​​​​​​​Experience the magic, mystery, and dramatic theatrics of a live Doors show featuring David Davas as Jim Morrison. The Doors Experience is hailed by critics and fans as one of the most exciting and authentic sounding Doors tribute bands in the world. Alive She Cried has mesmerized arenas, theaters, festivals, and venues in spellbound excitement. With the incorporation of a prodigious psychedelic light and video show it's a spectacle that stimulates the senses like no other. Utilizing vintage equipment such as the Gibson G101 organ & Rhodes Piano Bass, the haunting sound produced by The Experience in replication of both live cuts and studio recordings will  excite the senses in an echo of The Doors eclectic sound. Davas's voice & portrayal is uncanny, encompassing all the sexuality, charisma, and shamanistic enchantment of Morrison's crooning poetic and sometime archaic performances. Every nuance of every note is replicated by the most talented and respected musicians in the industry (see Bio) and are veterans of the Doors eclectic sound.   

Our aim is to give our audience a full spectrum of the Doors versatility. Featuring complete album shows, rarities, and live standards, we on occasion replicate complete full concerts. A feat not practiced by all tribute bands. Incorporating Jim's written poetry & improvising within a structure recreate the staple of magic and mystique the Doors were so well known for.  Re-creating that religious experience, we truly feel honored to be able to carry on this legendary music to a new generation and provide a nostalgic glimpse back to a time when conventions were being tested and revolution was in the air.

Get your Mojo Risin and experience for yourself why they say the Lizard King has risen.

Try to run, try to hide, break on through, with Alive She Cried - The Doors Experience!